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The Citizens for Constitutional Government is a non-profit, non-partisan group dedicated to reviving American democracy and education. Its members are of all political parties, interest groups, religious denominations, and geographic regions. What unites us is the firm belief that citizen involvement is critical to preserve a vibrant, free, and prosperous republic. Our efforts are to improve education and bring the people a new voice in government.

Thus, our purpose is to educate, enlighten, and empower. First, we believe that it is essential for Americans to learn about the issues – what problems do we face, how did those problems arise, and who, if anyone, is attempting to address them today? Second, we are convinced that citizens must consider all viewpoints, irrespective of political label, as they consider how best to solve often complicated and controversial issues, such as health care, immigration, terrorism, and much more.

The Citizens for Constitutional Government believes that Americans must act. Too many bright and knowledgeable citizens today believe that what they think and do is irrelevant. However, we believe that every person should voice his or her opinions.

Citizens can do so by voting, contributing to political campaigns, writing letters to public officials and newspapers, and engaging in other forms of grassroots activism. We hope to make involvement in the public arena seem less daunting to American citizens. We can bring your voice or issue to life.


Our Mission

Register as many voters as possible regardless of political party. Provide aid, assistance and relief to our fellow citizens who suffer or labor from the burdens put upon them by others; fraud, mental impairment, or otherwise brought about by the domestic enemy, “Ignorance.”

Company Profile

We are a one stop location for the citizen volunteer and the professional activist. We provide 100% validity checking of signatures on petitions in whatever state you are working. This protects and educates the circulator to improve a circulators’ skills.

Youth Activities & Programs

Each product or service we provide allows us to teach youth, at-risk youth, post-foster youth and young adults job skills while providing jobs. This allows a dollar to circulate within the community with greater community servicing power.

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