Eagle Eye Education Program

eagle-bird-pictures-3-1024x768The Citizens for Constitutional Government is a non-profit, non-partisan group dedicated to reviving American democracy and education. Its members, activists, and volunteers are of all political parties, interest groups, religious denominations and geographic regions. What unites us is the firm belief that citizen involvement is critical to preserve a vibrant, free and prosperous republic. Our efforts are to improve education and bring the people a new voice in government.

To educate, to enlighten and to empower.

There you can  Join the National Administration Division. Your next thought may be; “I don’t need any education or training, besides I’m to busy with work, family, my disability, I just don’t have the time.” You may say;” I’m a doctor, lawyer, scientist, professor, business owner, I don’t have the time nor do I need this.” The first week of December 2013, the Congressional Budget Office report said, the top 40% of wage earners are paying 106% of the tax liability but the other 60% were receiving some type of government aide or assistance. That 60% is the “Tyranny of the Masses.” This socioeconomic block of individuals needs and votes are greater than you and yours. While your trying to take care of your family educate your kids so they can be successful, 10-20 kids to everyone of your children will need aide. Look at the national debt at about 20 trillion dollars, the debt per taxpayer is about 151 thousand dollars. The debt per citizen is about 53 thousand dollars. So there is your equation, about 2.9 citizens to every one taxpayer. That’s a super majority.

You are to busy trying to scratch out a living in this ridiculous economy,it is not by accident but by design. You, your name, your accomplishments, the future of your family and blood line will be relegated to the dust heap of history, never to be known or remembered except as those that were to busy to save their Republic. Why do I say this; Benjamin Franklin when asked what kind of government did he and the other founding fathers give us,? His reply was “A Republic… if you can keep it.” That is; “American Exceptionalism,” a “Republic,” that is what’s first on  the list of what is “American Exceptionalism.” Are we a Republic when 50.001% are on some type of government aide or assistance, is it a choice or a vote if you need it to survive?

Join the National Administration Division.

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